Constitution & By-Laws


Constitution and By-Laws of
Grace Community Church
of Effingham County, Georgia


Article 1 - The Name

Section 1. The name of this organization as incorporated is Grace Community
Church of Effingham County, Georgia.

Article I1 - The Purpose

Section I To establish and maintain a place of worship of Almighty God, our
Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son, through the
Holy Spirit and for the promotion of close Christian fellowship and

Section II To conduct under the guidance of the Scriptures the work of
evangelism on both the home and foreign fields.

Section III To disciple all converts to Christ in a manner consistent with the New Testament, that they might glorify and serve Him.

Article II1 - Declaration of Faith

A. We believe in one God eternally existing in three persons - the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit - each having the same nature, attributes and perfections and worthy of precisely the same worship and obedience.

B. We accept the Bible as God's infallible, inerrant Word and our only rule of faith and practice.

C. We accept Jesus Christ as God's divine Son, conceived by the Holy Spirit, virgin born, who died on the cross as a substitutional sacrifice for our sin. He arose bodily from the dead, ascended into heaven where He is now, our interceding High Priest. He will come
again in person to judge the living and the dead.

D. Man was created in the image of God but fell into sin. We have all sinned in our own right and need a Savior to save us from the penalty for our sins. Salvation is by God's grace through faith in Christ alone.

E. The Church is an elect company of believers, who by the influence of the Holy Spirit were baptized into one body. We accept as Christians those who have been born again. We baptize by immersion only and receive into our membership only penitent believers, who have been baptized after their new birth. We only practice baptism by immersion at Grace Community Church, but we will recognize and accept a believer baptized by another method (i.e., sprinkling or pouring)*. A believer of baptism is one that follows the new birth. We will teach and encourage the examples in scripture of baptism by immersion.

Article IV- Membership

Section I New members shall be added by transfer or by conversion. We will
receive into our local membership baptized believers upon examination
by the Elders or a committee designated by them.

Section II A member may be considered inactive and ineligible to vote if he is determined by the Elders to be unfaithful in attendance.

Section III Membership may be terminated on scriptural grounds if conduct is determined by the Elders to warrant termination.

Article V - Officers

Section I The Pastor

The Pastor shall be a man of God, well qualified to lead the church.
He shall preach the Gospel, call on those in spiritual need, reprove,
rebuke, exhort impartially as required and lead the membership to
grow in grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. He shall be
considered an Elder of the congregation.

* References interpretive information supplied by Pastor.

Section II Assistant Pastors

Associate Pastors shall assist the Pastor in such duties as assigned by
the Elders.

Section III Elders

Elders shall be men scripturally qualified. They are to shepherd the
flock in accordance with the Scripture. They shall be ex-officio
members of all ministries and are to guide, teach, advise and rule for
the spiritual good of the church. A chairman and secretary of the
Elders shall be elected by the Elders. Minutes of all meetings shall be
taken and shall be the property of the church.

A job description for each Elder will be written specifically outlining the
duties of each Elder.

Regular meetings of the Elders will be held.

Special meetings may be called by the Pastor, the chairman of the
Elders, or a two-thirds majority by the Elders. The meeting shall be
limited to the Elders and others approved by the Chairman. Members
may ask to attend or be asked to attend to present specific items of
business for the Elders to consider. Resignations shall be in writing to
the Chairman. Fifty percent of the Elders shall be present at a regular
or specially called meeting to constitute a quorum.

The Elders shall produce an annual budget and make it available to the

Section IV Deacons

Scripturally qualified men may be appointed by the Elders as they
deem necessary. All appointed Deacons will receive a written job

Section V Treasurer of the Church

The treasurer shall be appointed by the Elders and given a complete
job description.

Article V1 - The Organization and Duties of the Corporation

Section I The chairman, vice-chairman, secretary and treasurer of the
corporation shall be the chairman, vice-chairman and secretary of the
Elders and the treasurer of the Church respectively.

Section II Time of Election

All of the above officers shall be elected or appointed at the first
meeting of the Elders following the annual election of Elders.

Section III Duties

The duties of the Board of Directors and Officers of the Corporation
shall be to transact all legal business on behalf of the church.

Article VII - Pastor and Associate Pastor

Section I When it is necessary to call a Pastor, the Elders shall interview
prospective ministers, approve a man, and present his name to the
congregation for a vote.

Section II A two-thirds vote of the members present at a called congregational
meeting shall be necessary to approve the Elder's selection. This
meeting must be announced from the pulpit for two Sundays prior to
the voting. Only one candidate shall be presented at a time.

Section III The Pastor shall be called for an indefinite time. The salary shall be
fixed by the Elders and may be changed at any regular Elder meeting.
He shall be entitled to an annual vacation of four weeks with full pay.

Section IV Termination of the Pastorate. The term of service may be ended
upon not less than two weeks notice on the part of the Pastor.
Termination of the office by the church shall be voted at a meeting
called by the Elders and announced from the pulpit for two
consecutive Sundays. A majority vote shall validate the termination.

Article VIII - Elections

Section I Time

A. The annual election of Elders shall be held on or near the last
Sunday in April.

B. The term of office of the Elders shall be from the close of the annual election to the close of the following year's annual election.

C. The term of office for Deacons shall end at the close of the next annual election after their appointment.

Section II Nominations

A. The Elders shall comprise the Nominating Committee for Elders.

B. Prior to the elections, a biographical sketch of each candidate shall be presented to the congregation.

Section III Elections

A. The Elders, or those chosen by them, shall present the ballots to the congregation and announce the results.

B. The election and other necessary business shall be conducted by mail-in ballot or other method prescribed by the Elders and announced two weeks prior to the election.

C. Absentee ballots shall be obtained by signature from the secretary of the Elders and must be returned prior to the election.

D. A two-thirds majority of ballots cast shall be required for election.

E. Ballots less than half completed shall be disqualified.

Section IV Quorum

A quorum for the transactions of business shall consist of not less than
one-third of the voting membership of the church.

Section V Qualification of voters

Voters must be members in good standing at least eighteen years of age.
Section VI Vacancies

Vacancies occurring during the year may be filled by the Elders.

Article IX - Amendments

Section I These by-laws may be amended by the congregation upon
recommendation of the Elders, except Article 10 which may not be

Article X - Dissolution of Corporation

In the event of dissolution of the corporation, all assets shall be transferred to another eleemosynary corporation.

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